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This PLR SUPER Pack Includes:

10 high quality guest blog posts with one unique voice (scroll down for samples). Presented to you as as an easily editable Word document, ready to copy & paste to your blog.

Motivating self development images with quotes. Editable motivational quotes on beautiful image backgrounds to integrate with posts. The text and background can be easily edited in Photoshop.

Editable eBook version of content, including professional eBook cover. The blog posts have been rewritten into a single Word document as eBook chapters and combined into an eBook format with contents page

Professional voice-over MP3 audio versions of each blog post. You can upload these as podcasts or add as a downloadable audio version of your blog posts

Whiteboard video versions of each blog post, with professional voice-over, ready to upload to video sites, or use as yet another way of displaying your content.

Here's a Sneak Peak of What's Included:

10 Engaging Blog Posts Written in One Unique Voice

Blog Posts Include the Following Topics:

  • How to Easily Reach "Alpha Brainwave" Consciousness Within 3 Minutes
  • 3 Ways Your Body Language Gives Away Your State of Mind
  • 5 Tricks to Instantly Boost Memory Power
  • ​5 Ways to Calm Your Mind in Hectic Surroundings
  • ​3 "Brain Hacks" You Can Use Right Now, to Instantly Think Like a Genius
  • 3 Simple Tips to Become Financially Free
  • How I Finally Became Self Disciplined
  • 30 Second Exercises that will Bring Instant Calm and Tranquility
  • 7 Surefire Ways to Get Things Done
  • An Easy 3 Step Guide to Become an Early Riser
  • How your Surroundings can Influence Your State of Mind

--- Partial Blog Post Sample Below ---

Proof! You Are More Intelligent Than You Think: Boost Your IQ With These Simple Tips & Strategies

There seems to be a common thought that intelligence is an inherent, inborn thing that can’t be changed — that you have a certain level of intelligence, and that’s the end of it. He’s clever, I’m not, and that’s just the way it is.

Well, this is absolutely untrue!

The human brain is capable of wondrous things. Most of us are 100% capable of improving ourselves in countless ways. One of them being intelligence. It would be a terrible thing to test yourself at the age of 17 with an IQ test, receive a score of 100, and, if anyone asks, even years later, you tell them just that — “my IQ is 100” — as if there is no chance that it will ever change.

It can be improved! It just takes a little effort. Effort to learn new ways of problem solving and development of thinking skills. For example, if someone asked you and another person a math question: what is 321×5? The other person answers within a few seconds: “1605!” But you didn’t know the answer.

Does this mean you are not as intelligent? Not at all. In fact, you may be more intelligent than the other person, it’s just that they know how to work the answer out. They know of an easy way to easily multiply numbers by 5. The strategy is this: times the number by 10, then divide by 2. So you just add a zero to the original number, then divide by 2! This goes to show that learning the correct thinking strategies can increase your IQ.

This strategy and other concepts are easily used when learned. It’s just a case of finding new ways of thinking. New strategies to work out problems that you have never thought of before. It’s beyond this short article to discuss many more, but there are a lot of resources, books and courses out there that discuss such things in great detail.

--- End of Blog Post Sample ---

10 "Whiteboard Video" Versions of Each Blog Post, With Professional Voiceover

--- Partial "Whiteboard Video" Sample Below ---

These videos can be used in place of blog posts, uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion and others. Add links to your upload to send hoards of traffic to your blog or other web properties.

10 Audio MP3 Versions of Each Blog Post with Professional Voiceover

MP3 audio versions of each blog post can be combined or uploaded by themselves to hundreds of different podcast directories, or added as a downloadable audio version of the blog post.

10 Motivational Quotes with Beautiful Image Backgrounds (.psd Files Included, so Fully Editable in Photoshop)

Insert these motivational quote images within your blog posts, eBooks or other content, to add eye candy and visual appeal to uplift your readers.

eBook Version with Cover: Compilation of all Blog Posts as eBook Chapters

Blog posts have been slightly rewritten as book chapters, and combined into a single Word document. Also provided is a professionally designed eBook cover, which can be edited in Photoshop.

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