Conversion Tracker with PLR

I’ve been waiting for a plugin like this for a long time.

A simple and easy way to track link clicks and conversions. By simple, I mean a single line I can look at in a second to see how many clicks I got, and, if I want further info, it will show me deeper stats, like where the clicks came from, whether it converted, and what country the visitor was from.

There are PLENTY of trackers out there, the main contenders being Voluum, ClickMagick, Adsbridge and the like but they are just too complex. Waaaaaay too complex. Plus, the decent ones cost $30-$100 per month!

Just not needed, and too expensive. I mean, for the business we’re in, we only need something super simple. Like if you wanted to send an email out with a link and see if anyone clicked on it, or you make a recommendation to someone or a group with an affiliate link.

The best simple payment link tracker out there (up til now) is by Jason Fladlien, called Easy Redirect Script. But still, $77 is a bit hefty, so I’ve just stuck with free plugins like Pretty Link. Pretty Link is OK, ‘good enough’. Still a little too much jumping around to create links for my liking, but it had to do.

Until I got an email promoting this.


EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for:

  • Setup links in seconds
  • Lookup stats easily
  • Cloak links to avoid ugly URL’s
  • Advanced statistics
  • Ability to post affiliate links to Facebook (like JVZoo links)

Oh, and full PLR rights so you can sell the plugin yourself.

Ha, you were waiting to understand why I would review a link tracker on a PLR site. Well, cos it’s awesome, and it has PLR rights!

And the thing that persuaded me the most to buy it?

It’s under $10.

Guess what I’m using to track that link… 🙂

The guy who created it is a bit annoying though, in the fact that once he’s decided something’s not for sale any more, he means it. I tried to get another of his plugins for making a ‘JV Giveaway’ sale (, yet even after googling it and trying to go through every link I could find, it just redirects back to his main site.

So, at least we know he keeps his promises. There’s a 3 day timer counting down on the page for the link tracking plugin, discount is ending on Sunday.

Here’s a video I cobbled together to show a bit more info on how this link tracker works, in comparison to the more complicated trackers out there. And…

How to add JVZoo affiliate links (usually blocked) on Facebook


Take a look at link tracker here

Oh, and if you came to this page just to see how an opera singer insulted me (how could you!), see below.

And yes, this seemed like a good idea at 2am. Not sure what planet I was on.