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Why the "Work From Home" Niche?

As you can imagine, the work from home niche is incredibly popular with the search engines.

Certain keywords in this niche are searched over 100,000 times a month.

It's also an evergreen niche, gaining in popularity and searched for all year-round.

People are fed up of working at traditional "brick 'n mortar" jobs. They are sick and tired of the daily commute, hours of sitting in traffic to work for someone that doesn't appreciate them, in a job that offers little security.

They dream of living a different life, working close to home, and getting the pleasure of choosing their own hours and working whenever they want.

Take advantage...

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Show them the amazing amount of affiliate products out there ready for you to promote, Amazon books, Clickbank products, CPA offers, or sign up to or Monster Jobs to get paid for recommending available work from home jobs.

This PLR Blog Post & Multimedia Mega-Pack Includes:

10 high quality guest blog posts with one unique voice (scroll down for samples). Presented to you as as an easily editable Word document, ready to copy & paste to your blog.

Professional eBook cover set with editable .psd file. You can easily add your name to the eBook cover, and edit the title or any other element in seconds. eBook cover is provided to you in flat and 3d formats.

Motivational quotes with beautiful image backgrounds. Impress your readers and keep attention by scattering these (fully editable) images throughout your content.

Studio quality web videos with crisp, clear audio created with professional voice-over.

Professional voice-over MP3 audios. These audios versions of each blog post can be combined or uploaded by themselves to hundreds of different podcast directories, or added as a downloadable audio version of the post.

PowerPoint slides. Create stunning slide shows with PowerPoint using these ready made slides, or use them to present webinars or create more videos.

Here's a Sneak Peak of What's Included

Module 1: 10 Engaging Blog Posts Written in One Unique Voice

Simply copy and paste these into your blog, add your name as author, and hit publish. Instant, high quality blog content.

Content Rich Blog Posts Include the Following Topics:

  • Website Creation for Work at Home Professionals
  • How to Start an Eco Friendly, Green Home Cleaning Business
  • Pros and Cons of Working from Home
  • Work from Home as a Handyman (or Handywoman)
  • Fast Track Method to Selling Info Products Online
  • Work from Home Ironing Business
  • Work From Home Garden Service Business
  • How to Become an "Infopreneur"
  • How to Start an Errand Business
  • Common Work from Home Employed Positions

Partial Blog Post Sample Below:

Fast-Track Method to Selling Info Products Online

If you are looking for a way to earn an income online while working from home, creating and selling info-products is an excellent way to get started.

What sort of info-products should you create?

Choosing a niche to create your product in can be one of the most difficult steps. Most information on this subject will tell you to follow your passions, your desires, and your hobbies. Just write about what you love. However, this doesn’t always work.

Just because you are passionate about a subject, doesn’t mean there will be flocks of buyers, ready to throw money at you to access the information you provide. It has happened many times before. Product creators have been known to put in massive amounts of time and effort creating a resource on something they enjoy, blindly thinking that there will be a huge demand for this, only to be disappointed with meager sales.

If you want to earn an income with this model, you’ll need to treat this work as a business and not a hobby. There is no point in creating a product if you are not 100% certain that there are buyers out there, looking for what you are offering. Not only that, but there needs to be *enough* buyers to ensure continued sales.

The best way forward is to find a niche that already has “hungry” buyers. Tap into this market, build a reputation for yourself, and eventually, you’ll create a loyal customer base ready to consume whatever you create for them.

To find this golden goose, research the most on-demand topics at the moment. The current trends, the most talked about subjects and evergreen categories. Look at Google trends, best sellers on Amazon, social media and current news to find this.

From this list of ideas, you’ll be sure to find a subject that you’ll find enjoyable to write about.

Topics to write about

The fastest way of finding subjects to write about within a certain niche is to find popular guides and books that are already selling well. Study these and note what they are teaching. Certain ideas will pop out and you, and you can focus on these ideas and expand upon them. This does not mean plagiarizing and copying, it means taking concepts from other successful sellers, re-thinking, re-purposing and improving these ideas, then producing it as a solution to buyers problems.

--- End of Blog Post Sample ---

Module 2: eBook Version of Content

I've gone to the trouble of compiling each blog post into a single eBook, with clickable table of contents. This is provided to you as a Word document and a finished PDF version, ready to send to your buyers. The content has been changed slightly to remove any mention of "article" or "blog post", so it reads like a regular book chapter.

+ Professional eBook Cover

We've hired a professional graphics designer to produce a beautiful, high quality eBook cover to accompany the eBook version of the blog posts. This well designed cover looks like something you would see in the best seller section of Barnes & Noble.

And... You guessed it, the eBook cover is fully editable. PSD files are provided, allowing you easily change the title, add your name as author, change the images, and create stunning 3D versions, without expensive software.

Module 3: 10 High Quality "Work From Home" Video Versions of each PLR Blog Post

10 HIGH QUALITY web videos with crisp, clear audio created with professional voiceover.

Sample Video Snippet Below (full video is over 7 minutes)

You have full private label rights to these videos. You can edit, add your name as author and use in any way you please:

  • Upload to mainstream video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, daily motion and others, linking back to your website for ongoing traffic
  • Add to your blog as an alternative to text content
  • Create a course, membership or drip feed content for monthly payments (video content adds a higher value than text only)

Module 4: 10 Audio MP3 Versions of each PLR Blog Post

Beautiful sounding, high definition, professional voiceover MP3 audios, ready to upload to your website, blog or itunes.

  • Upload to podcast sites like iTunes, SoundCloud, PodBean and hundreds of others
  • Stitch the audios together to create an audio book and upload to Audible and iTunes
  • Give away audios from a squeeze page to build your list
  • Create your own content to sell from your website

Sample Audio Snippet Below

Module 5: PowerPoint Slides of each PLR Blog Post

Create stunning slide shows with PowerPoint using these ready made slides, or use them to present webinars or create more videos.

  • Upload to slide show sites SlideShare, Author Stream and SlideSnack
  • Personalize or add additional slides with your own name, branding and audio
  • Files can be opened and edited with Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office and Libre Office

Bonus Module: Inspirational Quote Images

You get 10 inspirational quotes on beautiful image backgrounds. Fully editable with source files provided to add your branding and logo.

Insert these motivational quote images within your blog posts, eBooks or other content, to add eye candy and visual appeal that uplifts your wonderful readers. These images are fully editable. You can change the text, background image and size very easily.

​You won't need expensive software to edit the images. Not only are the JPG provided, I'll also send the layered source files, which can be edited in the with FREE windows graphic program ( No need to install Photoshop or any other expensive graphics software.

Work From Home Mega Pack Contents

Cost to Create

Module 1: 10 Engaging Blog Posts Written in One Unique Voice


Module 2: eBook Version of Content + Professional eBook Cover


Module 3: 10 High Quality "Work From Home" Video Versions of each PLR Blog Post


Module 4: 10 Audio MP3 Versions of each PLR Blog Post


Module 5: PowerPoint Slides of each PLR Blog Post


Bonus Module: Motivational Images


Time taken to assemble and manage package creation



Creating this package yourself could take weeks of hard work (it took us about a month to finish it all), and would cost you hundreds of dollars.

This package is done for you. All you need to do is upload and add affiliate links to related products.

Grab it now for $47 $27 ($935+ to create by yourself) to get your private label rights, to brand as your own and save weeks of time and hundreds of dollars of expenditure.

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Use this content as blog posts, use the ebook as a lead magnet, the videos and PDF as an info-product. Or, upload the videos and audios to YouTube and podcast sites to send traffic to your websites.

This package can be used in so many ways it's almost limitless.

To your super success!​

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